What is Revit?

Revit is a powerful building information modeling (BIM) software. It is widely used in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries to design, model, and document building projects. It is developed by Autodesk.

My Revit gallery:

The Revit course was 6 weeks long too, but there was a lot more to learn compared to SW.

In the Revit course, the first two exercises involved creating a simple garage and a small cabin. These exercises were primarily designed to help us grasp the basic features of Revit."

This log house was the first larger and more difficult modeling in the course. However, I think I succeeded in it quite well.


The next exercise was a semi-detached house, for which balconies with glass railings and light roofs had to be modeled. This exercise made extensive use of modular grids, including mirroring walls etc. It was hard, time consuming, but good exercise where I learned a lot of new things.


I modeled our own cottage primarily to get more exercise. It is based on the original architects' plans, although in the real world, it turned out slightly different. I also did some interior work on it, although there is no furniture yet.

My father made some modifications to the original plans and built the cottage according to his vision. I will likely model it too at some point in the future, aiming to replicate it as closely as possible in the digital realm. In that project, I will also complete the interior modeling to ensure a comprehensive representation.


This was my final project for a Revit course, which also was my final exam. For this project, I created a 3D model, main, technical, and cutaway drawings, as well as site plans. Additionally, I 3D printed a model and performed full interior modeling, incorporating background scenery for renderings.


To be continued..