What is 3D printing?

3D printing is a manufacturing process that involves creating three-dimensional objects from digital files. It is also known as additive manufacturing, as it involves building up a product layer by layer, rather than removing material from a larger block.

The 3D printing process begins with a digital design file, which is created using computer-aided design (CAD) software or obtained from an online repository. The design file is then uploaded to a 3D printer, which creates the object by adding material layer by layer. The material can be plastic, metal, ceramic, or other materials depending on the type of printer and the desired application.

There are several different 3D printing technologies, each with its own strengths and limitations. Some of the most common techniques include fused deposition modeling (FDM), stereolithography (SLA), and selective laser sintering (SLS).

My 3D prints:

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Ford 427 Cobra V8 engine:

This was a fun learning project that took a lot of time to print. I used different colors of filament to print the parts, and I didn't use any paint to achieve the final look.

(Source: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1945363)

To be continued..